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july 8 commentary

Admin note - As I noted before, the details of the challenge are pretty much unenforced, so please, if you have any weird little ficlets, (oi, where's the polyjuice?) go ahead and post them. The comm will stay open (I'll probably still fish for another mod) and you can footie your fandom to your heart's desire.

And that was an awesome goal.
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And tonight's footie commentary...

(with regards to shusu)

About an hour to go, play nice kids, while I go have a shower.

First match: Ghana v Brazil

Second match: Spain v France.


I'll start:

Ghana v Brazil - this match I do have more than usual interest in. One as a spectator, and second as the writer of 'Kickoff' - Rodney in that one is a notorious ABB (Anyone But Brazil) flag carrier, and srsly, Radek would not root for the team that precipitated the exit of his beloved team (PAVEL!).

I dunno about you all, and your fanworks and characters, but right now? The Atlantis science department in my head is in CHAOS. Cold war imminent. Grab a hold of your coats!