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Fandom Footie

home of the 2006 Multi-fandom World Cup Challenge

FIFA World Cup Fandom Challenge
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The smell of the pitch. The bare calves, the sexy knees. Thousands screaming and singing and waving banners / cowbells / inflatable dragons / beers.

Wouldn't you want that for your fandom?

June 9 to July 9. The 2006 FIFA World Cup Fandom Challenge. Because the mascot's not wearing pants either.

Goal: Fanwork for any fandom that is not RPF participating in something soccer-related. It does not have to be the above challenge, nor does it have to be about the present World Cup. Any footie will do! If you're attempting something that has nothing to do with football, there must be soccer-related paraphernalia in the fic (e.g. soccer ball boxers, referee's whistle) that is not obviously used for non-football purposes (e.g. a Quidditch pitch).
Also encouraged is discussion about international soccer for the purpose of planning fanwork. If you have a football experience, please share it. Not everyone knows the game. And certainly not the way *you* know your part of the world.

Yellow Card: The fandom characters can discuss RPF as long as they're doing something in the story.
Flag for content (gen, slash, het, violence, not-safe-for-work), rating (Teen / NC17), and kink / squick (orgies, D/s, sudden death *cough*). Any fic lacking significant labels will be carded.
Please LJ-cut and use descriptive subject headers ("WC Fic: Offside Rule by LD [Bend It Like Beckham]").

Red Card: Hooliganism! Please do not bash. Please pretend to be sober. (This does not extend to the characters.)

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World Cup Multifandom Challenge
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day 31

The Challenge: 31 fanworks from June 9 to July 9, 2006 during the FIFA World Cup in Germany.  As with the community rules, the subject can be from any fandom as long as association football is somehow involved; no RPF except obliquely.  You can post to the prompts in any order, any format, and with any interpretation, including non-sport subjects:
Drabbles, at least 2, 100 words          Fanfic, at least 200 words
Fanart, at least 200x200px                Icons, at least 2
(Of course with the shaky timezones and the part where we're watching the World Cup, these are more like guidelines than actual rules.)

*Any* 2006 World Cup fics posted in this period will be included in the challenge.

The Table of Prompts:
body paint local colour hooligans crowd control chants and anthems football widow(er)
bucky ball / new ball 90 minutes laws of the game striker defender midfielder
yellow card (caution) red card (sending off) free kick header / dream sequence injury time sudden death / golden goal
nutmeg superstition away team Corridor of Uncertainty backdoor burglar sliding tackle
locker room penetrative pass chest trap / thigh trap juggling touch me banana kick (bend it)

See challenge post for more details.